36% off on ALIENTECH Crowdfunding 2022-23 | Tablet Holder

36% off on ALIENTECH CROWDFUNDING 2022-23. Sitewide discounts, schemes, rewards,...More

ALIENTECH Kickstarter Crowdfunding | Buy the Best Smart Tablet Holder & Adapter for Control DJI/Autel

For owners of Autel’s latest drone series (Lite+ and Nano+), ALIENTECH has produced a new remote control adapter bracket. This bracket not only extends the signal interface for the Autel Lite+ and Nano remote controls, but it can also be used to connect ALIENTECH’s different external antennas. They even made a special tablet holder for it. Almost all tablet sizes are supported by this tablet holder. ALIENTECH KICKSTARTER CROWDFUNDING.

Apple’s iPhone 4-13, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and other products are included. It supports practically all brands of tablet PCs, including Samsung and Huawei, in addition to Apple. They hope that a larger tablet computer will provide customers with more detailed visuals as well as a safer and more dependable drone control experience.



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How do I apply for ALIENTECH Crowdfunding?

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