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72% off on G-CUBE Crowdfunding 2023. sitewide discounts, schemes, rewards,...More

Since their release, Apple’s AirPods Pro has provided us with an amazing experience, but they are also very costly! How then do you keep your Earbuds Pro stored?
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G-CUBE Kickstarter Crowdfunding | Buy AirPods Pro Luminous Armor Storage Case

It has a mecha-like look design, a hollow magnetic structure, and an easy switch, and it works with second-generation AirPods. In addition, they added some luminescent components to give it a distinctive look that will make the entire design stick out at night! The G-CUBE can precisely fit both the AirPods Pro 1 and AirPods Pro 2 because their sizes are the same. They can suit very well, and we used soft rubber at the rounded corners to stabilize as well as shield them from damage. In addition to adding luminescent materials so that they can illuminate in the dark after absorbing enough sunlight or lamp light, the company also introduced the painting idea for model gamers. The light source and the time determine the luminous time and impact; Source gradation: violet light, sunshine, and other lights. G-CUBE eventually established the size of 8 magnets to maintain balance after incorporating 8 powerful N52-grade magnets and repeating the design. In this manner, G-CUBE can guarantee good steadiness when closed and be simple to open. It need not just be a sterile digital electronic object; it could also be fashionable. Allow your creativity to run wild!



Spending is decreased by 71% when G-CUBE is used. You can create a Crowdsourcing application on the G-CUBE Store Page by choosing “Go to Store Page.” You can go back to the project by going to the home page and selecting “BACK THE PROJECT.” Make use of particular discounts, deals, and promotions.

Where do I go to file an online G-CUBE crowdsourcing application?

There are many titles available on the PAGE FOR COUPON STOW. To find out about possibilities for crowdsourcing, go to www.couponstow.com. You can optimize your discounts by picking your name.

You can also visit BLUVY CROWDFUNDING.



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